Screenshot Captor 4.29.0

Simple screenshot software that also offers a suite of image filters and effects

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    Screen Capture

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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    7.1 (298)
Screenshot Captor 4.29.0
Screenshot Captor 4.12.0

Screenshot Captor is a handy app that lets you take and save screenshots on your desktop when playing games or doing other tasks. While other apps can also take these shots, this app gives you more options as to how you capture and save those images.

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to take a picture of your desktop, including because you need to give a friend information to help you fix your computer or because you want to share the high score you just got on your favorite game. Once you take a shot and save it, you can share that image in an email or on a social media site.

Clicking on the Capture button in the toolbar menu on this app brings up a drop down menu that lets you select how you want to capture that image. You can take a photo of your entire desktop and work area, take a photo of just the current screen you have open, get an image from a selected area or snap an image of an active window. When you decide to get an image from a selected area, you can use this tool to select the size of the photo that you want or the amount of information you want to get into that image. If you set parameters to take a screenshot before, the app will let you reuse those parameters to take another photo. It also lets you take a screenshot with the app open.

This is one of the only apps of its type with a Hot Keys option too, which lets you set certain keys and make those keys correspond with different actions. You can then snap a quick screenshot while you're in the middle of a game without the game pausing or skipping. It will save all copies of the shots that you took in a dedicated screenshot folder, but you can also tell the app where you want those images to go.

Screenshot Capture also comes with its own editing tools for editing your shots. Those tools let you make some basic changes like adjusting the resolution, changing certain colors or increasing/decreasing the size of the photo. Few screenshot programs come with editing tools like this one does. Whether you need to take screenshots for work, school or because you want to show off, you can easily use Screenshot capture to take and save those shots.


  • Comes loaded with special effects and filters that you can add to your shots
  • Takes up less space and fewer resources than similar apps do
  • Offers a range of different capturing methods
  • Lets you save shots anywhere on your computer
  • Can change the way it starts and shuts down


  • Dated interface looks tired and just plain old
  • Takes some time to learn how to use all features
  • Simpler apps that are easier to use are available

Screenshot Captor is software developed for capturing images on a desktop.

It was created to use on a PC (personal computer) and is absolutely virus-free and does not cost a thing to download. With that being said, Screenshot Captor allows one to take a screenshot of anything on a desktop. It can range from an active window, to a particular zone on the screen and even to capture a website from top to bottom with its scrolling windows feature. It will even capture everything that is open on the screen, including on multiple monitors. From that, it allows one to assign a certain number of keyboard combinations for each individual type of captures used.

Apart from that, also included in this freeware is an outstanding amount of special effects and filters that can be used for the screenshots that have been taken. Some of the special effects included are: Blurring, framing, adding boarders and other images, shadows and many, many more. The software provides watermarks for the images; it has the ability to take screenshots from web cameras and is able to record videos with the add-on. It works perfectly fine on XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is also easy to upload any images onto an image hosting site and it is simple to send screenshots to friends and family or anyone else through email.

A few other examples of what can be done with this freeware is that it allows one to retrieve a single part of an image whilst the rest linger in a dark color tone or simply remain hidden. It’s able to trace a color shaped to grasp a particular part of the image or even make the entire screenshot a certain shade.

Like the special effects there are also many great tools that can be used in Screenshot Captor. One can display practically every pixel in the taken screenshot by simply zooming all the way up to a high number of 999%! Also included is the ability to instantaneously generate thumbnails form the image. To make it simpler, the freeware has a large amount of options on the task-bar and a mini-interface that comes up once the image is “captor’d”.

Any saved files are immediately saved to the folder that was assigned using the corresponding names in that folder.

Screenshot Captor has a very good rating among its consumers and fan-base and hardly anyone is dissatisfied with this computer program. It is one of the best of many other programs out there and should be used more! Just in the past month it has had more than 10,000 downloads so far! If still not sure whether to get this software, go ahead and take a look at the pros and cons listed down below to sum it all up. Because after all, this free software was created for anyone to use!


  • Easy to figure out and use
  • Wide range of capturing options, special effects and filters
  • Does not use much resources and room


  • Interface appears to be “dated”
  • Takes a while to get used to using the tools

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